Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Predule To Hunting Season

Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages; the weather outside is growing increasingly warm, the birds increasingly jubilant and the bloodlust that's lain dormant within the breast of the hunter throughout the winter increasingly hungry.

It seems as if hunting season began yesterday, with not so much a bang as a bloodcurdling series of rodent squeals, barely even uttered before they were choked off by intense arterial spray and a mound of corpses so dense as to cut off any warning that Cat is once again out for blood.

And out for blood she truly is. I won't go into the details before I'm able to present you all with a comprohensive photographic record, but I will offer the image at right as evidence of the smallest kill of the nascent hunting season.

She killed the little guy, saw a larger mouse, went after it, and left the original corpse there for me to clean up.

I've become a Cleaner.

For the rest of the gory details, stay tuned. Same Cat Time, Same Cat Channel.