Monday, March 15, 2010

A Taste For Brains

Apologies for the gulf between the last bloody update and this one. I went on vacation, left Cat at home and couldn't convince anyone to take up the grisly task of documenting the wholesale slaughter.

'Tis just as well anyway. The night I return Cat decides to surprise me with a particularly grusome gift.Instead of merely killing and delivering another rat, this one was the unfortunate victim of a horrific new killing method Cat has been testing: Devouring the brain, through the skull.

Like so many walnuts in the jaws of maniacal nutcrackers, I walked out into the hallway to find Cat crunching through the surprisingly soft skull of his latest kill. On further inspection I noticed that it was only so soft because Cat had apparently spent many minutes smashing it to bits with his jaws. He didn't seem to want to remove any parts of the skull, so the rat's head was quite intact, but it had the consistency of an overused hackey sack, complete with metaphorical beans spilling from the holes that went unnoticed by me until the corpse was safely in my hand.

I can only hope Cat saw this as some sort of pre-emptive strike should his victims ever attempt some form of mass zombified revenge.

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