Friday, March 5, 2010

Two For One

You may be wondering why I chose tonight to start documenting Cat's activities. The answer is simple: While Cat has always been a prolific killer, tonight he's been consumed with an unholy bloodlust the likes of which the Ancient Sumerians would pen epic poetry about and Sam Raimi would ascribe to angry, demonic trees.

Twice in the span of the last 3 hours I've been pulled from my bed by his mewling outside my door, only to find him chewing through the spine of a dead animal in the middle of the hall.

After the first kill I got the idea to set this thing up, so it's almost polite of him to then find another target to kick things off around here.

Thus, I give you the inaugural kill.

Sadly, I may not technically be able to give Cat credit for this one.

While he dragged it inside and mutilated the poor thing, he left it alive and I was forced to snap its neck to end its suffering.

Never let anyone tell you that owning a cat isn't a grisly business.

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